• The S4C Review and Broadcasting in Minority Languages

    The National Assembly Cross Party group on the Welsh Language

    Please join us for the Group’s next meeting.

    Hosted by Jeremy Miles AM

    6pm Monday 26 June, 2017

    Conference Room C, Tŷ Hywel

    “The S4C Review and Broadcasting in Minority Languages”


    Huw Jones, Chairman S4C Authority

    Xabier Landabidea Urresti, La Universidad de Deusto University, The Basque Country

    Professor Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, Aberystwyth University

    Please join us for what promises to be an interesting discussion and an opportunity to help shape the discussions of the group during the Fifth Assembly.

    The proceedings of the Group will be in Welsh, with translation facilities available.

    Rhagor 09/06/2017
  • Shwmae Su’mae Day

    Shwmae Su’mae?

    With Shwmae Su’mae  coming closer, we wish to ensure that this year’s Shwmae Su’mae day is the best yet. Its success depends on the commitment of individuals and organisations throughout Wales and we wish to invite you to arrange an activity and celebrate the day with us on october 15th.

    Shwmae Sumae 15Hydref

    Shwmae Su’mae this year is on a Saturday for the first time. This gives an opportunity to include weekend activities on the playing field, leisure activities and on the high street. Education and other workplaces are encouraged to celebrate on Friday 14th October so that they do not miss a valuable opporunity to be part of the fun.

    Any type of activity is welcomed. Whether a small or big group. The main thing is to make a fun and inclusive opportunity.

    Here are a few examples to inspire you:

    • Coffee morning
    • Fflashmob
    • Workshops
    • Running a business? How about offering a discount to customers who start their conversation with Shwmae or Su’mae?

    For information about activities throughout the country go to the website or followr Twitter  @ShwmaeSumae. Use the hashtag  #ShwmaeSumae to promote your event.

    The activity is promoted by Dathlu’r Gymraeg, but the day belongs to everyone. We want to hear about all the activities that are held and to raise national awareness. The Campaign Organiser for Dathlu’r Gymraeg, Elin Lenny, will keep a record of all the events. You can contact Elin by email

    Digital resources are available on

    Give it a go!


    Rhagor 13/09/2016
  • (Cymraeg) Hystings Y Gymraeg

    2016 Hustings

    THE WELSH LANGUAGE 2016 – 2021




    7.30pm MONDAY, 29 FEBRUARY 2016


    Chairman:        Owain Phillips

    Alun Davies     – Labour

    Suzy Davies     – Conservatives

    Aled Roberts    – Liberal Democrats

    Glyn Wise               – Plaid Cymru

    The evening is organised by Dathlu’r Gymraeg.

    Translation Service will be provided.

    Questions are invited before hand

    For further information contact or 07912175403

    Rhagor 15/02/2016
  • Get involved on Shwmae Su’mae Day

    Poster shwmae 2016

    Rhagor 03/10/2016
  • Implementing the Welsh Language Act

    Today, March 30, Dathlu’r Gymraeg, an umbrella group of Welsh language organisations is pleased to see that the 2011 Welsh Language Act is being implemented. The Act states that the Welsh language should be treated no less favorably than the English language. The new standards that come into force today will put the onus on the Government and local authorities to provide services in Welsh.

    Dathlu’r Gymraeg calls on the Government, the National Park Authorities and County Councils to act positively and to offer complete provision. The emphasis has shifted from the individual and the responsibility is now on the statutory bodies to provide the service.

    The Standards in the Welsh Language Act set the requriements for the provision of services through the Welsh language including individual and public meetings and training. The bodies are expected to give wide publicity to the new provisions.

    Penri Williams, Chairman of Dathlu’r Gymraeg stated “The implementation of the Welsh Language Act has taken a long time but now the work of developing the provision can begin. I would encourage people to ask for the new services which will be available and for the Welsh Language Commissioner to take action if there is any failur in the provision. It is high time that the Welsh language is given equal status with English and there is no reason why the new standards should not be implemented across Wales. We will be using the social media networks to report the changes brought about by the Language Act. ”

    Provisions of the Welsh Language Act

    1. Right to correspond and communicate with organizations in Welsh
    2. Right to Welsh telephone service
    3. Right to personal meetings in Welsh
    4. Right to participate in public meetings in Welsh
    5. The right to see and hear public information in Welsh
    6. Right to online and interactive services in Welsh
    7. Right to face to face services in Welsh
    8. Right to education courses in Welsh, such as swimming lessons.


    The Welsh Language Commissioner states

    On 30 March this year the first set of Welsh language standards become operational. These standards state what organizations should do in Welsh.

    The standards create new rights for people to use Welsh.

    County councils, the Welsh Government and the National Parks are the first organizations to implement the standards. Over time they will be presented to institutions and other sectors, such as health, post-16 education, public transport, energy, postal services, social housing, telecommunications and much more.

    Standards are based on the law; and there is a duty on organizations to comply with them. They should give you confidence that you can use Welsh when dealing with organizations who implement the standards. If you have not been able to receive a satisfactory service in Welsh, please contact me to complain.

    To learn more about your rights please visit the ‘Rights to Use Welsh’ section of the website and follow #hawliau on social networks. You are welcome to also contact us by telephone or in writing.

    Rhagor 30/03/2016
  • Government asked to reconsider cuts in the Welsh Language budget

    Dathlu’r Gymraeg, an umbrella group of Welsh language organisations, is calling on the Government to reconsider the budget cuts planned for the Welsh Language. The draft budget shows a significant drop in funding for the work of the Government in promoting the Welsh language in the community and for the Welsh Language Commissioner. It is proposed to reduce the budget from £ 8.6m to £ 6.9m. This is a proposed cut of 19% to the budget for projects to promote the language. To reduce the effect of such a cut the Government is proposing to set aside £1.2m from other budgets but this will not be sufficient to maintain the current funding.

    Dathlu’r Gymraeg stated that the draft budget cuts strengthens the case for adopting a long-term target for investment in Welsh. In its manifesto for the Assembly elections it asks the parties to plan to invest 1% of the Welsh budget in initiatives to promote the Welsh language, the same percentage as the Basque Country which saw steady growth in the number of Basque speakers over recent decades.

    Penri Williams, Chairman of Dathlu’r Gymraeg, representing over twenty Welsh language organisations said:

    “These cuts will underline the need for the Welsh Government to set out targets in the future for the percentage of the budget to be invested in the Welsh language. The target of 1% follows the international best practice and demonstrates a clear commitment to it. As a minority language, there is a need for security and stability over a fairly long period in order to plan and get results. We have seen precedents in other areas on a British level, such as international development, and how such a target can offer long-term stability. For example, it is difficult to see how the Welsh Language Commissioner could effectively act independently if the cuts continue.

    “Of course, there is considerable concern regarding the ability of the government to fulfill their objectives in terms of the Welsh language, if such cuts occur. Indeed, it is difficult to see how the budget meets the Government’s commitment to ensure the growth of the Welsh language. “

    Dathlu’r Gymraeg is calling on the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, to ensure that the current expenditure on the Welsh language is maintained and ways are considered to expand the provision in the future.

    Rhagor 18/12/2015